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"Consider this - you can choose to come to this ocean of information with a teaspoon or a bucket! I invite you to take in as much from this generous and inexhaustible source as is appropriate and necessary for your desired level of optimal wellness."
Beverly Davies

Imagine having at your fingertips a lifetime Health Care Plan without deductibles, premiums, or third parties to deny your eligibility. Managing your own energies is the most affordable and practical health insurance policy available! Welcome to the wonder-full experience of Energy Medicine, an umbrella term which is used today to cover a wide range of modalities. These modalities hold the intention to improve, accelerate and maintain the health & wellness of each individual. The human body is longing for the experience of wholeness, vitality and peace. This is achieved by accessing the many systems used to balance the flow of life force, a.k.a. chi, prana, qi, etc.

Most of us spend a great amount of time thinking about our physical bodies. We take them everywhere that we go, so it is natural that our thoughts are often centered on how we are feeling. Our uplifting and positive feelings are powerful indicators of how close we are to optimal health! The sage advice of following your "gut feelings" holds for us a great value, which has served many generations. When we are tuned in we might notice an increase or a decline in our hourly levels of energy, whether we are experiencing comfort & calm, anxiety & stress, or are in emotional or physical pain. These are but a few examples of very clear messages that the body signals to us 24 hours of every day. Our challenge is to develop a personal skill set to become acutely aware of the connection between our conscious and unconscious patterns of thoughts. Most important is to notice how deeply they influence our facial expressions, physical holding patterns, social behaviors, restful sleep levels, heart rate, breathing patterns, reactions vs. responses, and our belief systems as they relate to their effects on the body. For example, stress (even positive stressors) can diminish our flow of energies within seconds!

This website offers an invitation to develop your skill set to allow you to personally experience "healing" as your unlimited potential for creating change within the many realms of your being. Since 1993 countless guests of 360 Health & Wellness have experienced dramatic improvements in their health and quality of life following their sessions.

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