We offer hope to those with: Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, Chronic Illness, Obesity, Stress, Pain, Diabetes, Insomnia, Depesssion, Low Energy, and more.
Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine works deeply with the body on a cellular level to align the electromagnetic and subtle energies that help to create a balance between health, emotional wellness, and the belief systems which define our behaviors and attitudes toward life. With a focus on attention to intention, this modality can often reveal insights that might explain and address the root of the manifestation of illness, helping the client to move forward in their process of healing. Energy Medicine is a perfect complement to all traditional allopathic healing methods. Many physicians, as well as the M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinics, recognize its effectiveness in pain management and the restoration of optimal health.

Somatic Education
Somatics quickly and effectively reestablishes the natural movement patterns that the body unconsciously has lost or forgotten due to stress, injuries, surgeries, fear or habituated postures. These are the fundamental movement patterns that are required for healthy living and aging. Somatics is an intelligent, gentle and pain free process that immediately relieves muscle tension and connects the neuromuscular system with your sense of awareness. Its benefits include a greater experience of freedom of flexibility and range of motion as well as the elimination of chronic pain.

Integrative Massage
Our essential signature massage combines the best of many modalities into an exceptionally relaxing and therapeutic experience. Tailored to each client's needs, a session may include slow flowing strokes, breath work, acupressure, deeper work, stretching and assisted somatic movement. This massage is an excellent choice for those wishing to maintain a routine which promotes good health and well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage
This modality incorporates slow, powerful strokes using the elbow, fist and knuckles, which are carefully applied after preparing the targeted musculature with traditional massage techniques and or heat. Deeper work is especially effective for relieving chronic muscular pain due to injury, overuse, strain or tension. A typical session addresses the neck and shoulders, lower back, hips and hamstrings.

Hot Stone Massage
Surround yourself with the healing warmth of natural basalt stones. This delightful treatment combines traditional massage with the placement of warm stones to encourage physical healing, deep mental relaxation, and stress reduction. A focus on slow meditative patterns of the breath help to make this an unforgettable experience.

The use of 100% pure essential plant oils have been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians, Greeks and Europeans to aid in healing, clarity, relaxation, and to improve circulation. Each oil has its own unique properties and characteristics. We hand blend our oils to create signature products for purity and quality control. Choose from a soothing Lavender, an uplifting and detoxifying Rosemary Citrus, or a balancing blend of Sandalwood and Geranium. Our Diabetic Neuropathy blend has helped many find relief from discomfort. Custom blends to address specific issues can be ordered in advance of your session.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times of a woman's life. The addition of professional massage during pregnancy and in the months following is an important tool for alleviating discomfort brought on by the body's changes during this time. Finding balance to create positive change in the levels of stress and greatly enhancing the emotional well-being of the client can be achieved by using non invasive bodywork techniques, proper breathing education and appropriate aromatherapy blends.

The word Reiki means universal life energy. This energy is the "chi" or vital life force that flows through and around all living things. Reiki's origins of balancing the body/mind and spirit reach far back to the ancient healing arts of Asia. Reiki is offered by the gentle placement of the practitioner's hands on or above the client's body. Many experience a flow of warmth, tingling, bliss and harmony as blocked areas are located and opened. Reiki is offered alone or as a part of a therapeutic massage.

Speciality Readings
Energetic insight, knowledge and healing are helpful tools when making changes or important decisions in life. They can help to revitalize the body mind, aura and spirit. When we become aware of how our energy is influencing current behavior, reaction to stress and interaction with others we can attain a clearer understanding of what motivating us to react or to respond to any given situation. Specialty Readings may explore issues of relationship, career, health, finances and general issues with a focus on creating positive changes in present time.